Improving Your Portfolio For The Future

Improving your portfolio for the future is something that can be done throughout your lifetime to ensure that you have a good background to showcase to new or prospective employers.

Improving Your CV

One of the main ways through which you can improve your overall portfolio for the future is by updating your CV to ensure it has relevant information on it relating back to your achievements and what your main skills and qualifications are.

It is generally good practice to ensure that you are updating your CV at least one every two to three months to ensure that it is up to date and full of the latest information about your employment. One important main point to showcase on your CV is your highest qualifications. Often is advised to put your top qualifications at the top of our CV as employers are more likely to pay attention to relevant qualifications at the top of your CV. Showcasing your best qualifications is a good way to grab an employers attention overall and improve the general design and look of your CV.

Another way through which you can improve your CV overall is Bullet points and bold text. Bullet points and bold text can highlight particularly important parts of CV. If you do not do this then your CV may be perceived as plain and unremarkable meaning that significantly less recruiters are likely to look at it due to its poor layout.

Completing Training And Building Lifeskills

As well as improving your CV there are a number of other things that can be done in order to improve your overall experience and skills. An excellent way through which you can build life skills is through YouTube or online tutorials. Although these methods may not always be effective. They often offer a unique insight or view on something through which foundations can be built on.

For example there are tutorials online which can help improve your overall communication skills as well as your presentation skills. Although you may not be able to replicate all the points mentioned in the videos it can help to improve your overall understanding.

Another way through which you can improve your overall skills and knowledge is by completing additional training. One of the important aspects of having completed additional training is that it can give you an overall competitive advantage. This means that you may be more likely to be successful at presentations , competitions , projects etc than some of your peers thanks to new skills that you have acquired.

If your workplace or employer is offering any form of free training then this should be undertaken as and when possible as it offers you additional skills that could be beneficial in your current or future roles.


Overall to conclude there is a lot that can be said about the completion of training as well as improving your CV and portfolio overall. It is clear that completing these tasks can greatly benefit you overall and improve your prospects for the future.