Why Consider Converting Your Vhs To Dvd

vhs to dvd

Vhs to dvd conversions are increasingly in popularity across the UK. This is because as time goes on vhs tapes are becoming more and more difficult to replace or repair as the technology that came with vhs tapes is fading away rapidly due to the development of newer technology and the dominance of the dvd overall. In this article we will look at why it may be worth converting your vhs to dvd.

Vhs to dvd

What You Need To Know About VHS

Vhs was a popular media format released in the 1970s. Essentially vhs are video cassettes although have become more commonly known as “video tapes” These were a very widely circulated form of media format with billions of video tapes being circulated around the world.

Towards the end of the nineties and the start of the millennium the dvd began to climb significantly in popularity and overall use. However by the mid 2000s the dvd had overtaken the vhs and since this time period the video tape has seen a significant decline overall.

Why Consider Converting Vhs To Dvd?

There are a variety of different reasons overall for converting vhs to dvd overall. The dvd format can bring with it a large number of benefits that the vhs does not benefit from overall.

One of the main benefits of using dvd format over vhs is the overall sustainability of a dvd. Dvd’s can be a lot easier to store than vhs as vhs can be damaged very easily from being dropped or expose to water as well as mould over time. In addition to this there are far more dvd repair services available compared to vhs repair and support overall.

vhs to dvd

Another key benefit of vhs over dvd is dvd’s can last over up to 100 years overall. However comparably vhs can only last up to 5 years on average as they tend to degrade quite quickly over time. This makes dvd’s considerably more sustainable overall and a better media format for long term format or storage.

A third benefit of converting to DVD format is dvd’s are significantly faster to copy and convert overall as they can be accessed on computers as well as other media formats overall. This means that the media stored is much more accessible overall and easy to transfer between different platforms overall.

Why Choose DVD’s As A Media Format ?

There are a variety of different reasons as to why you may wish to use DVD’s as a media format for your old vhs tapes. Here are some of the main advantages that we found overall:

  • DVD’s are more environmentally friendly
  • DVD’s are considerably easier to operate than vhs and require much less overall maintenance in general
  • DVD’s can be repaired easily
  • Compared with vhs the DVD can be stored a lot more easily and takes up less room overall


Overall to conclude it is clear that VHS as a media format is gradually becoming more difficult to manage and also outdated. Transferring or converting to DVD can have a significant overall impact as it ensures that memories and data can be stored and kept in good condition overall for many years to come.

vhs to dvd