How to be Successful

Success. Some people have it, and some people don’t. But what makes a person successful? Can you be successful? Can I be successful? The answer is yes, and here’s how;

It’s About Commitment, Not Motivation

No one can be motivated 100% of the time, commitment, on the other hand, is different. If you’re committed to doing a job then no matter how you feel or what anyone says, you’ll get it done. If you can commit to the task wholeheartedly, then motivation will follow.


Seek Knowledge, Not Results

Knowledge is power, power is money, and all that. But seriously, if you focus on the excitement of learning and the journey of the experience rather than the destination you will be more motivated. The results that this learning will produce are the end goal, the results will then fuel your motivation more when you actually learn along the way.

Make the Journey Fun

The minute you take yourself too seriously the more of a chance you will lose perspective and get held back by the prospect of whatever you’re doing being a serious matter.


Get rid of your negative thoughts, your anxieties, your fears. Having built up negativity in your brain will not help you as a person or as an employee. Meditating will allow you to let go of all your negativity, giving you a clear head, which is imperative for success.

Use Your Imagination

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all that negative energy it’s time to use your creativity. When you are in a positive mind space your imagination and creativity can flourish. Negativity breeds negativity, so on the contrary positivity also breeds positivity. Instead of telling yourself you don’t want to do something and you can’t, say that you can and will. Swapping the negativity for positivity will change the way you think about yourself, and everything else around you.

 Get Rid of Distractions

Nothing hurts someone’s success more than being distracted. The meaningless distractions in your life are stopping you from on new challenging, and more meaningful projects. We all have them, but it’s your choice whether you keep letting yourself get distracted by them. Put your phone in a drawer for a couple of hours, say bye to those friends who fill your life with the meaningless drama that they inflict upon themselves and other people. And instead, focus on what matters.

Don’t Rely on Others

If you want a job doing, do it yourself. People are trying to look out for their own needs, and you need to look out for yours. Even if the person you are relying on is your partner, friend or employer, the only one that can make you happy and achieve your goals is you.