The Changing World Of Advertising

Advertisements have become synonymous in recent years with controversy as well as an increase in the number of young people online looking to build their careers as “influencers” using advertising as their main and primary source of income. A large part of this motivation has come from online creators on platforms such as Youtube creating content that they enjoy and that has inspired them to do something similar.


Re-marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing with advertisers. However , this form of advertising is not without controversy. This is because remarketing means that advertisements for different websites will follow users to other websites in the form of cookies.

This means that data and marketing information is shared between different organisations in order to improve the advertisements that the online users see as well as the frequency of the advertisements on different websites.

There have been some cases in which people who have been subjected to this type of advertising numerous times have decided to take legal action as they felt that their data was being misused. At present these cases are still ongoing as there is a grey area in this instance due to the use of data as well as consent of the user accessing websites online.

Youtube Advertising

Another popular form of advertising with many businesses is YouTube advertising. YouTube is a video sharing platform where users can upload videos and images to the website. In more recent years the platform has gathered a signifcant amount of attention due to its rapid growth but also due to disputes surrounding its terms and conditions as well as advertising policy.

One of the main issues with YouTube’s advertising policy is that many new or existing Youtube creator’s are now struggling to generate revenue through advertising.

This is because Youtube has the power to demonetise individual videos or channels that it believes are in vialation of its policy. Therefore it is very important that creators are able to express their views on the matter through videos as well as online campaigns.

YouTube’s rebuttal of many arguments about its strictly enforced policy is that content which could bring advertisers into dist repute is not suitable for monetisation. However this covers such a wide variety of things that it can be very difficult not to fall foul of this guidance.

How Is Advertising Likely To Change In Future?

In the near future it is likely that advertising will change in a variety of different ways. One of the main ways in which advertising will be changing is regulations surrounding advertisements. It is likely that there will be further tightening of restrictions in future in order to protect peoples data and honor their privacy online.

However, social media giants such as Youtube and Facebook must be careful not to cross the line when implementing these policies themselves in order to fit their own agenda. Perhaps in future independent regulatory bodies for social media giants may be required in order to ensure that they treat users of their website fairly overall.