Beginners Guide to PPC

So you have entered the world of digital marketing and perhaps have tried your hand at SEO. SEO does take a while before seeing results and if you are looking to speed up the process then PPC might be an idea for your business. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads count for a high percentage of clicks for keyword searches. Although many customers have grown accustomed to ads at the top of their search results and simply scroll past them, if you have an appealing image and Meta description that is relevant to the search time then you are likely to receive a click from a curious customer.

The Benefits PPC

  • PPC drives quick results
  • PPC allows you to target a distinct audience
  • PPC allows you to hone in on local searches
  • PPC is a good tool for targeting returning customers and competitor’s customers

What is PPC?

It stands for Pay per Click. PPC ads appear at the very top of the search results. Similar to SEO, Google selects your ad if it is relevant to the keyword or phrase being searched. They also appear on the right hand side of Facebook.

How Much Does it Cost?

As the name suggests there is a cost to the business for having these ads displayed in such a prominent place. Every time someone clicks on the ad, the business will be charged by Google. The price paid for each click is pre-arranged through a bidding system. The business can choose the maximum amount they are willing to pay so that if their ad is very popular they don’t end up going over their budget.

How Do I Get my Ads to the Top Spot?

The bid is important as it also affects if the ad will be selected to be displayed over competitor ads. For example if two businesses selling water bottles have similar content and therefore are both relevant to the keywords being searched, Google will choose the highest bidder to sit at the number one spot. Therefore your ads must be relevant and useful content plus you must bid wisely.

Is PPC Right for My Business?

PPC advertising allows you to have much more control over the campaign than in comparison to SEO. You are choosing who your ads will appear to as you are targeting your campaign. Usually the more specific and niche the keyword the lower the bid cost. Due to this PPC clicks have a much higher conversion rate than organic clicks.

Can I Use PPC Alone?

SEO is beneficial to every business that has a website and is an ongoing procedure. Your website should be improving all the time and you should be striving to beat your competitors in terms of SEO consistently. Pay per click however can be expensive and depending on your products or services, you may not always find it makes a huge difference. It is advised to use pay per click in addition to SEO. The great thing about pay per click is you can pause or stop your campaign at any time.