How to Create a Buzz and Build Hype about your new Business

Business owners today are always striving to excel at marketing and to create an impressive buzz or hype surrounding their business to help drive traffic and sales. However competitions is high and word of mouth marketing isn’t easy to promote. The most obvious way to have buzz about your business is if your product is exceptional and highly sought after. Say you already have that, you can encourage people to get hyped about your business by doing the following:

Impressive Marketing Hook

A marketing hook is a short phrase or jingle that is constructed to entice customers to purchase your product. Sometimes it can be used to ignite interest in a product or service which is what you want to do for your new business. Your marketing hook can be one of many forms including:

Short phrase highlighting your unique selling point

Catchy jingle or message or special offer

Benefit of the product

Your hook has to be legitimate. Your business will get a terrible reputation for being dishonest if you come up with an outstanding hook but can’t follow through on your promise. Keep it short and snappy. Think about your brand and what your business or product will do for your customers, this will help create buzz around your business.

Waiting List

Any new business that has a waiting list to get in or a product that requires a waiting list to purchase creates an impression that the product or service is popular and valuable. It helps if you know you already have a market who are keen to get your product as that will ensure you get sign ups. Once the ball gets rolling, more and more people will sign up as it creates a buzz about this fantastic new product that everyone wants a piece of but you have to be fast to get it. Use the word “limited” in your marketing and promote the benefits of signing up.


Teasers are sneak peaks of your product or service made available to the public before it is actually available. The idea is to hint at what is to come so that people’s interests are piqued and they are left wanting more, this helps build buzz. Social media is a great way to reveal teasers. You could create a competition to encourage people to follow your business account. Then by posting images and videos with teasers you will build anticipation in your followers and customers.


Influencers are a great way to build up a social media following which will lead to expansion of your customer base. If you have influencers who are hyped about your product then a buzz will naturally develop amongst their following. Find influencers in your niche and engage with them. Support them by commenting on their posts/blogs and sharing their content. You could even offer them free products in return for their support. This is a great way to build credibility for newer businesses.