Looking for Lip Fillers in Glasgow City Centre?

If you’re considering getting lip fillers in Glasgow city centre, or anywhere else for that matter, you may want to be aware of the procedure itself and what your expectations can be once the procedure is performed.

Lips are the focal point of our faces and in most cases, full lips are associated a better facial appeal thereby sensuality and youthfulness. In common cases, the lips do not thin and lines don’t develop with respect to age.

People don’t understand the essence of this lip fillers unless one is prescribed to or recommended by a Dermatologist to undertake the operation to improve the facial physical appearance and thereby boosting the self-esteem and confidence of the individual. Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves adding a volume to the lip. This is successfully done by implantation or through an injection filler. According to a senior ophthalmic consultant surgeon, chemical fillers from a special inorganic pigment found under the skin are used in this procedure. An acidic ingredient found in this inorganic substance is preferred during the procedure because of its chemical inability to react with water. Silicone is used as an alternative permanent filler; Silicone does not react with water hence can be used as an alternative filler. The aesthetic procedure is not painful and does not have side effects or a probable contracting of an infection.


Are Lip Fillers Right for You?

  • If one has a continuous loss in volume of lips or have naturally small lips. This will prompt the patient to get a prescription to correct the lips symmetry in the face.
  • Another operational goal of this procedure is to design a natural looking lip through enhancement to the desired size. This is as a result of a prescription from a cosmetic surgeon where the patient has a deformity that was developed before, during and after birth.
  • The external surgical operation of the lips offers re-positioning and reconstructing of the lips thus improving the visual appeal of the patients. It is medically beneficial because it improves the ability of the individual to respond through efficient sound production.


Surgical lips filling operation can be performed as well as the other facial operations as prescribed by Dr. Darren McKeown, Medical Practitioner. Different techniques are employed as recommended during a consultation. The procedure basically involves a pre-operation plan, the surgery and the post-operation care. The primary step to be followed includes Anaesthesia whose objective is to reduce the pain and provide favourable conditions that will make the patient comfortable. Administration of Anaesthesia in children basically aims at keeping them asleep during the performance of the procedure thus avoiding any circumstances that they can destruct the operation procedure.

Benefits of Lip Fillers

  • Creating full lips.
  • Boosting look and feeling natural by the patient.
  • It is a fast procedure where the patient does not have to be admitted to a facility.
  • Improving the self-confidence with a perfect pout.
  • The procedure is precise and does not affect the surrounding and immediate tissues.

Most skin concerns are not life-threatening but they make most individuals feel down and self- conscious, if you’re going to get lip fillers in Glasgow City Centre, just remember to visit a cosmetic or a medical institution that is sufficiently equipped with experienced physicians and ample equipment.