4 Steps to Becoming an Effective Leader

The commonly used word in business, Leadership. When you are in the position of leadership you are there to provide motivation and guidance for your team. The quality and quantity of your work depends on your team and to ensure the standards are kept high effective leadership is required. This skills to fulfil this role are not immediately acquired and require effort. Here we look into the 4 steps to becoming an effective leader.

Be Part of the Team

To be an effective leader you need the trust and support of your team. The best practice for this is to be a team player. It helps you understand the way your team works collaboratively so you can adjust your leadership methods for a more positive result. This will also allow you to work on the communication you have with your team and ways to improve this. By working at an equal level to your team it allows you to build a trusted relationship with your team where they are more likely to respect you.

Creativity and Goals

As an effective leader you must have a goal envisioned. In order to accomplish this you must have a clear understanding of what you want yourself and your team to achieve and the probability. If you struggle to express what your goal is how will your team understand their role to help achieve this. Take time to focus on what you want yourself and your team to accomplish and clearly communicate this across tot them. Effective communication allows your team to connect and understand their leader.

Learn how to delegate

From spending time working closely and being part of your team it should allow you to gain a good understanding of everyone’s strengths. As a leader your team will look to you for guidance and it is your job to match the tasks to the right person. Teach your team new skills as part of the delegation process and put your trust in them to execute the assignment on their own terms. Use your team’s feedback to see what works well and what could be changed in the delegation process. One team member may feel their skills are better suited to a different task which should be considered in future delegations.


Empower and Inspire

Once sharing your goals and delegating the tasks your focus should move to inspiring and empowering your followers. You want your team to be excited and passionate about their work and why their work will help accomplish the overall goal. It’s important to understand that whilst most of your team will be in line with your vision there will be people who aren’t as enthusiastic. As a leader you want to help them find the motivation to enjoy their work without the feeling of pressure.

Becoming a leader is notable but becoming an effective leader is an achievement to be proud of. It certainly isn’t an easy task that some are not confident in fulfilling. However, these steps allow you to sharpen your leadership skills and grow with your team.


What To Do When Times Get Tough

Following this guide is certain to help you in your role as a successful leader, however you can’t always solve the problem of having insubordinate staff. Unfortunately there are some people who simply don’t take their job seriously and even those who try to get as much as possible out of it and doing the least amount of work. In some extreme cases there are employees who feign illness if they know their employer offers sufficient sick pay. If you suspect one of your employees is doing this, it can be a tricky situation to deal with. First of all you have to be certain that they aren’t really sick. You could try a high-end  Private Investigator in Brighton to help you discover the truth.