Different Types Of Hydraulic Platform Lift: Domestic Or Industrial

An often overlooked piece of machinery, the hydraulic platform lift is used worldwide every single day. A feat of modern technology, it can help human carry out their daily jobs and get on with their lives. However, which type of hydraulic platform lift am I talking about? Many people don’t realise there is more than one kind of platform lift. That’s if they realised they existed at all. The hydraulic platform lift is used for both industrial and domestic purposes. Sometimes, they can even be found in commercial environments. Never underestimate the humble platform lift!

Read on and find out more about the different types of hydraulic platform lift.

There Are Two Types Of Hydraulic Platform Lift

As we have already established, there are two very different types of hydraulic platform lift. There may even be more, however, there are just two that I am going to talk about today. These can be either domestic or industrial. Today I will talk through both types.

Domestic Hydraulic Platform Lift

The domestic hydraulic platform lift is more common than you would think. It can actually refer to people-carrying lifts like elevators and stair lifts. They are most common in the homes of the elderly or in shops/public spaces which are inclusive and accessible.

A large hydraulic platform lift.

Industrial Hydraulic Platform Lift

Industrial hydraulic platform lifts are more uncommon though, although used widely in the warehouse sector. This type of platform lift is more likely to be used to lift a large amount of goods onto another level or into storage. It can also be used to raise staff to a higher point. This can help in a wide range of situations.

Where To Find The Right Kind Of Lift

If you have read this article and realised that you may actually be in need of a platform lift then fear not, we have some reliable sources to get in touch with.

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  • If you are looking for a hydraulic platform lift instead for the industrial sector, then you may want to contact someone like Mobile Scissor Tables instead who specialise in providing this equipment to warehouses and workplaces. They are one of the top businesses, with great reviews and testimonials, to find you the most efficient lift.

A small, blue hydraulic platform lift.