Poker Jobs | Turn Your Passion into a Career

Many people have an interest in gambling, whether this is in casinos, the bookies or online. There are many careers that can be pursued in the world of gambling. There are many poker jobs out there for anyone with the skills, knowledge and passion to pursue a career in it. This article will tell you what those jobs are.

Poker Jobs

Poker Dealer

One of the most common jobs available in the poker industry is poker dealers.

A dealer is normally an entry-level job and pay usually reflects the experience that the dealer has. There are dealer schools that you can attend in order to get more knowledge of the job role and get more fine-tuned with the way that the poker world works.

You don’t just need to work in a casino full time to become a poker dealer though. Some opt for travelling with the live tournament circuit and are involved in larger events. This is a great option for those looking for the flexibility of travelling, whilst still working and earning money along the way.

One of the biggest benefits to a poker enthusiast about working as a dealer is that you are constantly exposed to different tactics and strategies, as well as being able to work on the mental aspects of the game. This can help poker players improve drastically over time.

Poker Coaching/Consulting

For those of you who have a good understanding of poker, as well as a good track record for winning. Being a poker coach could be right up your alley. One thing that you need to remember when coaching is to never advise or take on a bet that is more than what you would normally bet yourself. For example, if you bet up to £1,000NL it is recommended to coach players that bet up to £500NL.

One of the biggest benefits of poker coaching is that it can primarily be done online. This allows for an extremely flexible work schedule and you get to choose your own fee. The trick is to choose a price that is worth your while, but not so much that it’s going to turn potential customers away.

Work for an Online Poker Operator

Online poker jobs are probably some of the most desirable at the moment. This is because the online gambling world has reached new levels, especially in the UK, Malta and some parts of the USA (where it is legal).

Depending on your level of experience, you could start anywhere from customer service all the way up to a Poker Room Manager. There are many jobs for those who are more creative as well including copywriting and graphic design.

If you are interested in a poker career, then it may be an idea to look at what other types of poker jobs are available. This article highlights just some of the many job options that are available in this industry.